• RAWAG Industry and Trade was established in 2004 as a shareholding company. However, the shares were owned by an Egyptian family, Kafafi family.


  • Mr. Khaled Hassanien Kafafi, a businessman, was the one who took the initiative and due to his efforts, this firm could emerge and perform its role on a solid basis. It is worthy to mention that when Khaled founded his firm RAWAG, he was equipped with the experience of almost 15 years in commerce field, mainly foreign and international trade transactions, with a focus on Arab, African and Asian markets.


  • Khaled was Born in 1960. Graduated from faculty of science, Cairo University, in 1983, he Inherited from his father (a businessman) this devotion to the private business. He is having wide contacts either locally or with outside world.


  • Somebody may ask what the reasoning behind using this name “RAWAG “. In Arabic language “RAWAG” means that the market is in a good condition or even flourishing. This may not be the case every time, but that is what the company founder hopes all the time.
Our Vision
  • Increasing our contribution in producing phosphate by products as well as our share in Egypt exports thereof.


  • Also, RAWAG is aspiring to push forward the application of its plan with respect to the farm located in Farafra, Egypt.
  • Sticking to domestic and international standards and criteria in order to maintaining high quality and proper efficiency.


  • Commitment to employees satisfaction by securing their future.
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